Tahiti Dark


Made similarly to Cognac the French influence on this full bodied traditional rum is delectable. It is double distilled from molasses and rich in the warmth of burnt caramel with a soft inviting aroma of seductive vanilla found in abundance on the island. The choice of stills has a profound effect on the final character of rum. Tahiti Dark is crafted in copper column stills adding to it's distinctive flavour and a smoothness rarely found in dark rums. Most dark rum is made from molasses. Molasses is over 50% sugar, but it also contains significant amounts of minerals and other trace elements, which can contibute to the final flavour. The tang of Tahiti's tropical climate is ever present in the finish of Tahiti Dark. Our master distiller believes to that the best dark rums are fermented low and slow. The "wash" (the molasses and water) is left to stand at very low temperatures over several weeks for a heavy full flavour. The crucial ingredient in a great spirit is water. The endless accolades 42 Below products have won have taught us not to use anything but the most pure. We stick by this principle cleansing our spirits with the cleanest spring water at our Noa Noa still then, after letting it sleep to age and mellow, we ship it to be bottled in New Zealand and revive it with the waters of our Aa-rated spring washing it smooth. Tasting Notes - Sensual and warm like the islands themselves, with a soft inviting aroma of seductive vanilla and a hint of the exotic tang of lime. 1000ml, 37.2% ABV.

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