New Products For August

Bundaberg OP
Bundaberg Original Overproof has been around as for as long as its Underproof brother. It is based on the same spirit, and blended to extra strength. So why is it called "Overproof"? Well, back in the early days there were no sophisticated instruments to measure the alcohol content, so there was ...
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Balvenie Classic Single Malt Scotch NAS
This is a No-age Statement expression released by Balvenie until 1993. Colour: full amber. Unusually dark for Balvenie. Nose: starts extremely sherried whilst most official Balvenies we know are much more floral and fruity. Very powerful, almost too sharp and violent at just 43%. A lot of game, lova...
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Gosling's Gold
Gosling’s Gold Rum – our first new product in over 100 years – is a world apart from traditional amber rums. Robust, yet remarkably soft. The result of years of sipping and perfecting, its intricate, luscious character lives up admirably to its impressive lineage. Admittedly, it wasn’t easy. But,...
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Gosling's Old
Appropriately called Gosling’s Family Reserve Old Rum, it’s crafted from the same incomparable Bermuda blend as our renowned Black Seal Rum. But, we age it in our dark barrels even longer, until it acquires an extra luscious, nuanced complexity much like a rare Scotch or Cognac. Consider it the ulti...
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Gosling's Black
Gosling’s Black Seal has a rich, intricate flavour, well balanced and nuanced with butterscotch, vanilla and caramel. Impressive enough to earn the Beverage Testing Institute’s highest honour, the Platinum Medal. We were pleased, but hardly surprised. After all, we’ve been at this awhile. Today, ...
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Mount Gay Black Barrel
The latest from Master Blender Allen Smith, Black Barrel, is a small batch, handcrafted blend, made of matured double pot distillates. In a process called finishing, the blended rum is then matured for a second time in deeply charred Bourbon oak barrels. This unique process releases spicy aromas tha...
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Mount Gay Eclipse
Mount Gay Eclipse is the reference for character, body and aroma by which our Master Blender Allen smith uses to blend every variety of Mount Gay Rum. For many rum aficionados Eclipse is also the reference by which all rum should be measured. Eclipse has a brilliant golden amber colour and a luxurio...
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The Botanist is a small batch, artisanal gin from Islay, Scotland. A progressive exploration of the botanical heritage of the isle of Islay. Nine classic gin botanicals are augmentede by 22 local herbs and flowers foraged responsibly and by hand from the hills, shores and bogs od this fertile Hebrid...
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Mount Gay Extra Old
An opulent blend of the finest spirits aged for 8 to 15 years. Where Eclipse is floral and fruity, Extra Old blends significantly older barrels of mainly double pot distillates that have rounded these crisper notes into a subtler balance. It exudes the finesse that only time can bring and offers a t...
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